Firm Overview

Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Attorney

There are a lot of lawyers to choose from and most lawyers take on whatever type of case that may come to their office.  Our firm handles only worker’s compensation cases.  As a former Louisiana Workforce Commission Worker’s Compensation Judge and Mediator, I have worked along side many of the sitting judges and mediators.  My experience as a former Judge and Mediator has provided a unique opportunity in my dealings with attornies and staff of the Louisiana Workforce Commission.  At the Law Firm of Gregory Reardon LLC, we have been representing the injured worker in Louisiana since 2000.

Attorney Gregory Reardon is well noted in the legal community for his representation of injured workers in Louisiana.  Mr. Reardon understands the needs of the families that he represents and places those needs ahead of his own.  Illustrative of this is that at our firm we do not take a percentage of our client’s weekly indemnity checks.  We believe that there is no incentive on the lawyers part to get the injured worker back to the workforce if the lawyer is receiving his client’s weekly checks and taking “his or her share” out of those checks.

Only by a long track record of representing injured workers is it possible to gain the unique understanding of the needs of the injured worker’s family.  This long track record has also provided Mr. Reardon with the knowledge to deal with adjusters through all aspects of a claim to its final resolution.

The Adjuster That Is Handling Your Claim Has An Attorney And So Should You!

If you have been injured, do not go through the process alone, contact Greg today.  Our firm will you get you to the doctors that are experience with the  worker compensation system and will do everything possible to get your benefit check on time.  Your full check, not less 20%.