Broken Record

Over the years of representing injured workers and trying to maximize their claim, I think I sound like well, a broken record.

Workers compensation is doctor driven. If the doctor you have a chosen is not an advocate for you, then it is difficult for any attorney to get the medical treatment that an injured worker might need.

In Louisiana the injured worker is still allowed to choose his own physician in most situations. The insurance company is given that same right. The question is for the injured worker. How do you know if the physician you are about to select routinely sees patients on behalf of a workers compensation insurance provider?

Additionally, your choice of treating physician is your safety net in the sense that once you have reached maximum medical improvement, the physician does not release you to a job that you physically cannot do.

There is an unstated goal for some workers compensation providers to get the injured worker back to the job of injury. However, many times this may lead to re-injury or even termination.